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Disqualifications: Reasons and Explanations

Walk on the bottom of the pool. A freestyle race allows you to use different swimming techniques. However, you must swim the entire race without touching the bottom.

Push off the bottom or side of the pool
. Not only can you not stop and rest on the bottom of the pool, you cannot utilize the bottom or side of the pool to push yourself forward.

Pull on the lane line
. Lane lines become very tempting to tired swimmers, but grabbing a lane line to help move you along in the water will get you disqualified.

Make a turn without touching the wall
. Turns must include a hand or foot touching the wall, or you technically have not completed the lap.

Stop swimming before the race is over. All laps must be completed without stopping on the wall, lane line or bottom of the pool.

Swim underwater for more than 15 meters. You can do as many dolphin kicks as you want off the start, but you must emerge from the water by the 15-meter mark in order to avoid disqualification.

Alternate your arms or bring them out of the water non-simultaneously
. The butterfly stroke requires you to simultaneously bring both arms up and out of the water, and then re-submerge them out in front of your head at the same time.

Use a flutter or breaststroke kick
. The only kick permitted in butterfly is the dolphin kick, which is performed by moving your feet up and down and keeping both feet together at all times.

Turn over on your back
. Always swim butterfly on your stomach. Turn your shoulders during turns so that you push off the wall with your chest facing the bottom of the pool.

Touch the wall with 1 hand during a turn or finish
. 2-hand touches are required for all turns during a butterfly event. You must also touch with 2 hands to finish the event.

Take more than 1 pull or kick while underwater. You are allowed 1 pull and kick underwater off a start or turn. Your head must emerge with the second pull to start an above water stroke.

Use a dolphin, flutter or scissors kick
. Using any kick other than a breaststroke kick will result in immediate disqualification.

Pull with alternating arms
. You must pull your hands in toward your chest and push them out to the front in unison.

Turn over on your back
. The entire stroke must be performed on your chest side. When you push off the wall during turns, be sure that you turn your shoulders so that your chest is over the bottom of the pool.

Touch the wall with 1 hand during a turn or finish
. A 2-hand touch is required for breaststroke turns and finishes. Both hands must touch the wall simultaneously to avoid disqualification.

Stay submerged past 15 meters off the start. Backstroke starts can originate underwater, but you must be on top of the water by the 15-meter mark to avoid disqualification.

Push off the bottom of the pool
. Backstroke starts that go too deep often tempt swimmers to race to the top of the water by pushing off the bottom. This action will get you to the top, but you will be immediately disqualified.

Turn onto your stomach in the middle of the lap
. You must stay on your back throughout the event, except when entering a turn.

Kick or pull after flipping onto your stomach for a turn
. Turns must be continuous motions; kicks and pulls after the initial flip onto your stomach for a turn are not permitted.

Miss the wall on a turn
. Your hand or foot must touch the wall before you can move on to the next lap.

Pull on the lane line
. If you grab the lane line to propel you forward during a race, you're disqualified.

Finish the race on your stomach
. A backstroke event must be finished on your back. A turn onto your stomach for the final touch will disqualify you.

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