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Volunteer Requirements

* Sign Up is through Signup Genius. (Link on website and emailed)
• Each swimmer’s family will volunteer to help run swim meet competition.
• Every family will volunteer to work a minimum of 2 shifts total. Families with 2 or more swimmers will be asked to volunteer for 3 shifts total. 
• Families may opt out of swim meet volunteer shifts by paying $150 at Registration.

• This requirement is waived if a member of the family is a board member or committee head

2021: We have increased our volunteer requirements this year to 3 points for a family with one child, and 4 points for a family with more than one child on the team (1 volunteer signup= 1 point). 

Longpoint Sailfish : Volunteer Opportunities 2021 (

If you are a parent to a 6&Under junior Sailfish that is not practicing with the 7/8 age group, please wait to volunteer. Coach Jaci will let you know when your child is ready to swim in a meet. 

Swim Meet Volunteer Shifts

In order to conduct swim meet competitions, we must fill 128 volunteer shifts a season. That breaks down into 21 shifts (people) at every home meet (H), and 11 shifts (people) at every away meet (A).


Shifts Per Meet

Time Commitment

Job Description





Arrive no later than 4:30PM…
but you are finished by start time!

•Post parking signs;
•Rope off swimmer ready & holding area; Rope off seating areas
•Set-up scorekeeper’s table and sound system
•Work with concessions to load-up cooler of drinks for scorekeeper’s table.




Arriveby 5:15 to have concessions open by 5:45.Works entire meet, but will have opportunities to see children swim!


Then helps with pool clean-up.

These energetic parents staff the most important fund-raising venture for the swim team:

•Prepare, serve, sell food and drinks during your shift.
•Manage cash box.
•YES! Parents can take turns going out to see your swimmer’s races
•No children permitted behind the counter.


H: 2 score,
1 ribbon

A: 2 score


Arrive by 6:15 PM to have scorekeeper’s supplies organized by 6:30 PM.

Work entire meet.


These lucky parents keep score and hand out ribbons after each race, paying careful attention all night.

•Break down / store table and equipment immediately after the meet.
•Collect / Return cooler to Concessions



Check- in withscorekeeper’s table at 5:30 PM.Work entire meet.

These keen-eyed parents carefully watch the finish line of every race to determine the swimmers’ finish places and then escort the swimmers to the scorekeeper’s table to collect their ribbons.




Check-in with coaches no later than 6:00PM.

Each parent is assigned one lane to watch for the entire meet.Time and record Longpoint swimmers in every heat. Back-up Timers will provide breaks.



Check-in with coaches no later than 6:00PM.

This Head Timer is the same volunteer for all meets.This person is in charge of training all timers on our Swimmingly Timing System, and is available for support during meet.


                                                                        These two positions require mandatory training by the CCAA. Usually these
                                                                        candidates are identified before Registration Day. To learn more please                                                                                   contact President or CCAA League Rep to check on the status of these



Committee Heads

Key Duties / Committee

Volunteers Required

General Job Description




2018 Kathleen Thurber
2019 Vacant


  1. Execute online registration
  2. Produce and maintain up-to-date registration database / roster of swimmers
  3. Submit team roster, additions/deletions to CCAA League Registrar on deadline
  4. Distribute roster to Coaches, Board members and appropriate members-at-large
  5. Maintain current, accurate website
  6. Update website according to master calendar.  Solicit current website information from board members, coaches, and committee heads.
  7. Ensure annual payment is made for our domain name




Fundraising / Sponsorship




2018 Leanne Rose-Newhall

  1. Secure and maintain sponsorship relationships
  2. Collect logos for use on t-shirts, banners, other sponsor recognition opportunities
  3. Collect money from sponsors and give to Treasurer
  4. Manage fundraising events such as Duck Toss, Spaghetti Dinner, etc.



Merchandise / Apparel



2018 Margaret Arrants and Gene Blake



  1. Recommend to Board uniform & related apparel for the season:caps, suits, t-shirts, etc.
  2. Design and order team t-shirt and additional merchandise, if any
  3. Sell merchandise at home meets
  4. Ensure coaches have appropriate team apparel




Volunteer Coordinator





2018 Lauren Almaguer



  1. Responsible for recruiting and maintaining roster of all meet volunteers
  2. Conduct training sessions as needed in advance of first official meet
  3. Coordinate mock meet practice experiences for new volunteers
  4. Includes pool set-up for competition and spectators, and pool clean-up








2018 Shannon Brown

  1. Coordinate concessions for home meets
  2. Create annual budget
  3. Manage / balance cash box after each meet and reconcile with Treasurer
  4. Establish Set-up and Clean-up procedures
  5. Direct concessions volunteers
  6. Plan menus, shop, prepare foods and manage inventory

       City Meet Coordinator


2018 Patty Biggerstaff


  1. Track CCAA City Meet calendar  / deadlines for:
  • Program Ads
  • Annual T-shirt contest
  • Senior Scholarship forms 
  • Swimmer entries
  • Tent / facility rentals and payments
  • City Meet volunteer requirements
  1. Communicate deadlines to team and coordinate team responses to each item
  2. Coordinate City Meet swimmer recognition (if any) with coaches for distribution at practice (not at Awards Dinner since not all swimmers attend City Meet) 
  3. Communicate team-specific and CCAA general logistical information for parents and swimmers
  4. Coordinate swimmer food, drinks, coolers and clean-up for City Meet days. Social will support this effort. 

Set Up Coordinator



  1. Be present for every home meet to coordinate set up of the pool.
  2. Teach the volunteers to:

Post parking signs;

Rope off swimmer ready & holding area; Rope off seating areas

Set-up scorekeeper’s table and sound system


Head Timer

2018 Betts Keating

1. In charge of training all timers on our Meet Mobile Timing System.  Also, would be on hand for support during meet.


Social Committee


2018 Julia Pauls


1.Arrange for team photos

2.Coordinate swimmer food:

  • Fun Friday practice
  • City Meet (City Meet  takes lead and this position supports, see below)
  1. Arrange various team events through-out the year / season. Past examples are:
  • Parent kick-off, Tye-Dye day, DJ party, movies, bowling, beach, etc.
  1. Kick-up team spirit activities
  2. Plan and coordinate End of Season Dinner
  • Arrange for food and beverage. 
  • Coordinate awards, certificates and other gifts program including swimmers, coaches, volunteers, scholarships:
    • President serves as Emcee for the night.
    • Coaches conduct swimmer medal ceremony
  • Be in contact with City Meet Lead to be sure City Meet swimmer recognition (if any) is not duplicative or redundant.  

Board Officers

The Board consists of five voting members: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and CCAA League Representative.  Members serve a two year term and are responsible for recruiting and training their successor before rotating off the Board. Committees Heads are the responsibility of non-voting members-at-large, and many of these functions report back to the Vice President. Please note that theBOD President and majority of voting members must be LP Residents (LP POA Decision 2012).

Board Officers


General Job Description



2019 Dan Biggerstaff

  1. Provide overall management of team organization
  2. Represent team / communicate with LP POA Board
  3. Hire, support, supervise coaches with support of Board
  4. Approve all expenditures
  5. Continuously recruit new volunteers to join Board
  6. Coordinate activities of communications / web site
  7. Delegate ad-hoc tasks to Board members as needed
  8. Oversee LP pool / clubhouse facility



Vice President


2019 Veronica Fuller

  1. Act as backup in absence of President
  2. Oversee Key Duties / Committees
  • Fundraising / Sponsorship; Merchandise / Apparel; Meet Manager; Concessions; Social


2019 Open

  1. Maintain complete record of team activities ( BOD minutes, calendars, etc.)
  2. Create/ update Parent Handbook with input from Coach, Registrar and other BOD positions
  3. Assist as needed with Registration activities


2019 Open

  1. Maintain financials and checking account
  2. Produce & maintain budgets/reports as needed
  3. Deposit money and make payments as directed
  4. Ensure concessions has starter cash for home meets
  5. File any required tax documents

CCAA League Representative

2019 Tina Russell

  1. Represent Longpoint Sailfish at CCAA League meetings
  2. Attend CCAA League meetings April through July.
  3. Serve as point of contact for all CCAA email
  4. Collect ribbons and labels for home meets:
  5. Attend all swim meets


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