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Welcome to LPST!

The Longpoint Sailfish Swim Team program works to provide a positive learning and growing atmosphere for all team members.The coaches work to help swimmers enhance all four competitive strokes, improve racing techniques, build self-confidence, become good team members, and learn that winning and succeeding are not always the same thing.The Longpoint Swim Team hopes to provide motivation, instruction, fun and support for all team members. No matter what happens in competition... Longpoint Sailfish have fun in the pool! 

In 2017, the Sailfish are swimming in the CCAA  White League.


Parents and Swimmers will digitally sign Swimmer Agreement as part of registration process.

Participation in a summer league swim team has many benefits including youth fitness and a positive team experience. The privilege of participating on a team requires responsibility, self-discipline and sportsmanship. We ask Longpoint parents to work together with the coaches to instill lifelong skills of team spirit and mutual respect. Every swimmer is important to the Longpoint Swim Team.

Any behavior leading to personal injury or to the destruction of pool facilities or continued infractions of conduct rules will not be tolerated, and may result in immediate suspension or removal from the team without refund.  The following are the expectations of ALL swimmers on the team.


Failure to follow the expectations of a swimmer on the team may result in not being able to participate at City Meet.

As a Longpoint Sailfish swimmer I promise to:

1.     Listen to and follow directions from the Head Coach and Assistant and Junior coaches

2.     Act responsibly by cleaning up after myself at practices and during and after swim meets

3.     Come to practice on time with a positive attitude.  Swimmers are expected to attend a minimum of 75% of practices overall.
Exceptions must be specified in advance and signed off on by both the coach and a board member (see below). 
Exceptions will be entered during the registration process.

4.     Swim my best at practices and swim events that my coach assigns me in meets.

5.     Support my team by wearing team swimsuit and cap at all meets, cheering my teammates on at meets, and participating in
team activities.

6.     Treat others with respect

Examples of Acceptable Exceptions: 
My swimmer is a year round swimmer.

My swimmer has a medical condition that limits the amount of practice they can participate in.
My family has a family vacation during swim season that cannot be rescheduled.
My swimmer has a summer job that will conflict with swim practice.


Parents will digitally sign Parent Agreement as part of registration process.

Set the right example for our children by showing respect and common courtesies at all times to the team members, coaches, competitors, officials, parents, and for all facilities and other property used during practice or competition.

Respect the integrity of swim officials by assuming decisions are based on honest, objective evaluations of performance. Only coaches may approach meet officials for clarification of rulings.

Understand that opposing teams, including their swimmers, coaches, and fans, want the same positive experiences for their swimmers as we do. Help LPST achieve our goals by avoiding criticism either verbally or by gesture. Look for opportunities to build rapport with teams that we compete and work with.

Demonstrate good sportsmanship during all practices, competitions and team activities. Promote good sportsmanship by setting an example and by helping others to do likewise. LPST win gracefully, lose graciously and congratulate their opponents either way.

Be an active participant in all fundraising events and other team activities and encourage and support your child by permitting them to be timely for practices and competitions.

Realize that swimmers become easily confused when coached by parents and benefit most from positive reinforcement of the professional coaching staff’s instructions and advice. Your unconditional love and support before and after races will help them best.

Recognize that LPST coaches are professionals and allow them to coach your child without interference during workouts and meets. Know your role. Swimmers – Swim / Coaches – Coach / Officials – Officiate / Parents – Parent.

If you have concerns, you will address it with the appropriate coach in private. Appointment can be made to discuss issues or questions with Coach Jaci. Please do not talk to the coaches during practices or meets.

Maintain open and honest communication among all members of the LPST family. We reach our common goals by working together.

Practice teamwork with all parents, swimmers, and coaches by supporting the values of Discipline, Loyalty, Commitment, and Hard Work.

Assist the coaches in conducting effective practices by ensuring swimmers arrive and leave on time, and bring the proper equipment.

Arrive at meets in time for volunteer or swimmer check in, stretching and warm-ups.

Represent LPST with excellence, respect, team spirit, good sportsmanship, and politeness.

Maintain self-control at all times. Refrain from inappropriate behavior that detracts from a positive image of the team or is detrimental to our performance objectives.

Do not coach your child at practice or during meets, that is the coach’s job.

Do not interrupt or confront the coaching staff on the pool deck during practice or meets.

Trust and support your swimmer’s and coach’s decisions around goal-setting, training commitments, swim event entries, and meet schedules. Do not impose your ambitions on your child.

Any questions about disqualifications, judging, etc., should be directed to your swimmer’s coach.

Get involved.... be an official, work on the board, help plan a fundraiser, help plan a group social. Find something you enjoy!

Share the burden among parents by volunteering to help at meets.

Pay your fees on time.

Know and uphold CCAA rules, regulations, management and coach directives, and by-laws that are designed to maximize the experience for all swimmers and parents.




Daily practice is necessary for conditioning and the development of swimming skills.

All swimmers are expected to attend practice daily and participate in swim meets with appropriate uniform: team suit, swim cap and goggles. If a swimmer does not attend practice the day of a swim meet, they will be unable to swim in that particular meet. Exceptions will be considered on an individual basis by the swim team coach.


Swimmers arriving late for Home or Away meets will be scratched from points competition. 

Home Meets: check in with the coaches by 5:15 PM to be in the pool by 5:30 PM for warmups. 

Away Meets: check in with the coaches by 5:45 PM to be in the pool by 6:00 PM for warmups.


Advance notice of absences will be necessary. You will receive more info about how to alert the coaching staff of a swimmer's absence before the season begins. Usually this will be done through email or text. Do not call.

For an emergency or illness within 24 hours, or the day of a scheduled meet, contact Coach according to contact info listed on Coaches page.


Please understand that as a team we are bound by the rules of the CCAA. The official start time for swim meets is 6:30 pm. Coaches and Team Reps cannot make any decisions regarding canceling or delaying a meet until after that time. The CCAA's policy is a meet cannot be cancelled until 8 pm. Allowances to this rule are made if the coaches to both teams agree to cancel (due to weather) and are able to reschedule the meet for another day.

Teams Policy regarding weather will be the following:

All weather decisions will be communicated via text. You will be sent information on how to sign up after registration is complete. 


Coach will send a text to let you know if we are delayed.

If we are delayed Coach will send a text when its time for warm-ups.

Coach will not send any additional updates until official meet start time (6:30).

After start time, updates will continue every half hour.

The meet is not cancelled until you hear from the Coach.

Generally a meet will not be cancelled due to delays until 8 pm.

If we are at an away meet and there is a delay you will be expected to wait in your cars until the meet has been officially cancelled.


Coaches will cancel via text/email.




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